New books in the school library


Emily Eikenberry

New books ranging from sports to romance appearing in TJ’s library.

Kelsie Anderson, Reporter

TJ’s library will be getting some new books in the near future.  

“We just received our last shipment of the new books, so everything that we have is what we are expecting for the next month,” said Ms. Sam Exline, TJ’s librarian.

A few of the new books are How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia along with some new sports books including series about star athletes.

The new sports books in the library are about Lebron James, Serena Williams and Tiger Woods.

The new books are always located on the bookshelf near the display case, it is usually updated if there is a certain book that has been checked out more than once.

“We try to get new books two or three times a year,” said Exline. “Sometimes more than that in order to make sure that we have new books for students to read because everybody likes to read something different.”

Due to high demand, the new books are typically checked out right away when they first arrive to the library, so the shelf that holds all of the new books is always restocked as this happens.

Most of the new books are requested by students so when a student requests a book they will either be able to check out the book or they will be put on hold.

A hold is where Exline will put the students name on the waiting list, and when the book is checked back in she will look at the list and notify the next student that the book is ready to be checked out.

When books are put on hold by request from students, the hold will last for seven days.

If a student does not check out the book during the seven days, the next student on the list will receive the book.