What is BeeKind?

Kelsie Anderson, Reporter

BeeKind is a student-led organization and it is sponsored by Mrs. Ryan, one of TJ’s counselors. 

Originally BeeKind was a tag project but now it is club.

BeeKind is also a district wide movement that promotes a more positive act around schools. 

BeeKind does small random acts of kindness around the school with the hopes of it being able to make someone’s day and try to spread kindness to others. 

Charlie Clapp, Desrei Arbolente, and Hailey Collins are apart of BeeKind and they provided some information about what BeeKind does for TJ. 

“We do acts of kindness around the school such as last year when we handed out hot chocolate in the morning and we would put sticky notes with kind messages on car windows and other things,” said Arbolente. 

For October BeeKind cut out miniature ghosts and put them in the teachers and janitors mailboxes with small kind messages such as Halloween puns.

For Thanksgiving Beekind is planning on putting up posters around the school.

“Last year when BeeKind was first a thing a few girls came back and they started the club back up and they sent out emails to students asking if they wanted to join and both me, Desrei and a few others were some of them,” said Clapp. 

“All of the senior class officers help each other, we don’t really do everything individually,” said Collins,”some of what I do is reminding our secretary to send out emails, I also monitor our finances and record for the fundraisers.”

Arbolente said that they are still trying to get funds for this year in order to do things such as still hand out hot chocolate in the winter, and handing out candy. 

If students are wanting to join, then BeeKind will send out emails to teachers and the student will have to be recommended by a teacher and once they’re recommended then the student will be added to the email list of meetings.