TJHS Socksgiving


Heather Giovannoni

One of the many posters explaining socksgiving in the hallways of TJ

Heather Giovannoni, Copy Editor

This year at TJ, Student Council is sponsoring a first-ever “Socksgiving” as a way to give back to the community. 

“We do an event like this every year, as student council, to give back to our community,” said member Chrisha Doss. “We wanted to change it up and give as much as possible.”

Every START class has the chance to participate, and the START class with the most points will win a pizza party. Each new item that is brought in counts as a point. For example, if you were to bring 10 pairs of socks, that will equal 10 points.

“We decided to get the whole school involved so we have more to give,” explained Doss. “With these cold winter nights, this stuff comes in handy for people at the homeless shelters.”

They are not just accepting socks, they will also take scarfs, hats, gloves, earmuffs, or any other type of winter gear. All of the items collected throughout the whole month of November will be donated to a local homeless shelter.

Socksgiving will end on November 25th, the student council will collect all of the winter gear from each start class.