State Dance Solo Update


Submitted photo by Michaela Patterson

Dance Coach Michaela Patterson and TJ’s six soloists. Left to Right: Kaya Markusan, Aubreianna Flanagan, Dajanay Rodriguez, Jayde Kraft, Jeanette Rice, Hailey Watts.

Kayleigh Cooper, Reporter

This last weekend at the Iowa Dance Team Solo Championship, four out of six of our soloist received Division 1 ratings.

To get a D1 you have to score 75 points or higher (out of 100pts), in order to place you must get a D1 ranking,” according to dance coach Michaela Patterson.

The other two girls that did not receive D1 ratings got D2 ratings, but were super close to receiving a D1 rating.

“These skills take years to develop and perfect though, so it is always a struggle for us to keep up with a lot of other teams where the dancers have been in studio classes since they were young,” said Patterson.

Most of the girls who had joined the dance team had little to no studio experience, so the girls have had to learn everything in the short amount of time that they have here at TJ. With a supportive coach like the one they have, the girls have been able to grow and learn. 

Luckily for the coach the girls seemed to have a natural talent, which has helped along with the amount of passion they put into the dances.

“It takes a lot of bravery to get up in front of hundreds of people, and a panel of professional judges, and perform a solo,” said Patterson. “Overall it’s a really great experience for the dancers and myself!”

December 6th is Iowa’s State Team Championship. The varsity dancers for TJ will be competing in Des Moines in the nation’s largest state high school dance competition.

“We are taking two routines this year; a pom and hip hop,” said Patterson.

The team will be performing during basketball games this year in preparation for this championship.