The Write Touch



Five TJ students were published in this year’s Write Touch – A Literary Magazine by Youth Authors and Artists of Council Bluffs! Kylie, Chloe, Paxton, Nairi, and Ross were celebrated with a plaque and award from the CB Optimist Club on May 7, 2021.

Claudia Tucker, Reporter

Along with three other talented T.J. students Ross Talbott-Bohn (9th), Nairi Garcia (9th), and Kylie Woolery (10th), seniors Chloe Brookes and Paxton DeVault have made it into The Write Touch. The Write Touch is a Literary Magazine by the Youth Authors and Artists of Council Bluffs, Iowa.

On page 1 you can find Paxton DeVault’s work called Advice to a High school Student from an Outgoing Senior. It is an article full of advice from currant seniors, and graduated alumni given to underclassmen and new students entering high school. One piece from T.J. alumni Devella Graybille states, “Be more outgoing, be kind to everyone, don’t get into the cliques and drama. Life is too short, aim high you can do it.”

Next, on page 11, is Chloe Brooks’s poem I Found Her. It is a poem written from the point of view of the narrator who leads you on by describing how beautiful and amazing a girl is, but in the end there is a twist.

Reverend Dr. Tony Paff, a judge and member of The Optimist Club, had initially read the poem and decided it belonged in Write Touch, saying that this was one of the deepest poems that he has read in awhile.

As a reward for making it into the magazine, the students are invited to a ceremony where they  receive plaques of recognition, two copies of the book, and get their picture taken. Normally they also are provided breakfast, however this time was different due to COVID-19 and they received two Kristy Kreme gift cards.

Next year students can have the chance to enter their own artwork or writing for a chance to be in the magazine. You submit your work in the website when it opens up. It can be a poem, a painting, or any written piece. If your work is selected by the judges, then your work will be published in the magazine.

Carrie Nepple, CBCSD coordinator for the Write Touch, said submissions are open for next year’s magazine and will stay open until February. You can submit your piece at THIS LINK.

You can read The Write Touch online (link to come), or a physical copy in the TJ Library.