Prom 2021


File Photo / Jacket Journalism

Students dance in this file photo from Snoball in the TJ commons in 2020, the last dance that was held before the pandemic.

Kayleigh Cooper, Reporter

Prom 2021 will be happening at Thomas Jefferson High School; after over a year of waiting we finally get to have a dance! However, this dance comes with a few more rules then we are used to. 

Some of the requirements for this dance are to have the students in good standing with attendance, not failing any classes, having good behavior in class (no referrals). Underclassmen will be able to go as long as they meet the requirements listed and are invited by an upperclassman. 

We are allowing district students to attend our event, as we have a venue that will permit this. We have the ability to contact trace students in our district if there is a need to do so,” said TJ principal Dr. Dania Freudenburg.

All students must be wearing a mask while attending the dance, and it must be correctly on the whole time. 

Other schools in Council Bluffs have different requirements. For example Lewis Central’s requirements are that only LC students are allowed to go to the dance. No-contact-dancing will be allowed, that means no slow dances or any other form of dancing that puts students in direct contact with each other. 

AL is also not allowing any other students from different schools to attend their dance (this includes TJ students).

Prom will be happening for TJ April 17th in the TJAC, and tickets go on sale today in main office and will only be able for purchase after school. They are $25 and must be purchased in advance, with no tickets being sold at the door.

If you have questions about the protocols, or purchasing tickets, contact Michaela Patterson in the main office.