Next Week : The ISASP Schedule


Chloe Brooks, Reporter

With the annual ISASP, comes schedule changes for seniors at TJ. Just like this past Monday, seniors are not required to come to school as long as they are excused by their parents. But this time, the testing is going to be extended through the 1st and 2nd hour on Tuesday. 

On Monday, March 29th, Grades 9-11 will begin the Language Arts and Writing portion of the ISASP. 10th grade will also be completing their Science portion on that day. While the 10th grade class is finishing their Science test, grades 9 and 11 will be given a chance to catch up on late work. 

On Tuesday, March 30th, Grades 9-11 will report to school at regular time to finish their Language Arts and Writing portion. Seniors are expected to report to school at 9:45 and the regular class schedule will resume starting at 3rd period. 

Good luck 9th-11th grade!