2021-2022 Early College Academy Results


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To learn more about Early College Academy, visit their twitter at https://twitter.com/cb_eca?lang=en

Jordan Kreft, Editor-in-Chief

It’s that time of year again, 25 lucky students from both AL and TJ have been chosen to attend Iowa Western Community College for Early College Academy.

Early College Academy (ECA) is a program run by Iowa Western Community College that allows 25 students from AL and TJ to earn their Associate’s Degree while still in high school. The program allows high-achieving students the chance to earn a degree and get a headstart on college at zero cost.

Students in ECA attend Iowa Western full-time their junior and senior years while still being enrolled at their high schools.

“Early College Academy has been a great experience for myself,” said Kylee Koenig, current ECA junior from AL. “I am looking forward to seeing the new participants grow in the program.”

This year, 12 sophomores from TJ were selected for ECA: Abigail Franks, Andre Chioco, Asa Neville, Athena Neville, Cora Perkins, Eleana Lemus, Kiley Chapman, Larisa King, Melissa Jordan, Mercedes Norris, Henry Nguyen, and Tyler Huey.

Congratulations to the sophomores that were chosen for ECA. They have a fun and exciting journey ahead of them to earn their associate’s degree. We can’t wait to see them all succeed.