The Drama Department Presents: Legally Blonde the Musical Jr!


Chloe Brooks, Reporter

Oh My God, you guys! There is a new totally hip musical coming out this Spring! The Drama Department is presenting “Legally Blonde The Junior Musical” as their final show of the year. “Legally Blonde” is a story about a girl who is greatly underestimated due to her blonde hair and the stereotype that follows it. Unlike her future plans of becoming a fashion merchandiser, she enrolls in Harvard law to win back her ex. This musical will be full of catchy songs, gossiping, and a whole lot of “Bend and Snap”. “After reading through it and listening to the music, it sounds like the perfect way to end this kind of unusual year with such a celebratory, fun, exciting show.”

As this musical will hopefully bring excitement to a not-so-good year, they plan on including everyone willing and possible. “When I was putting up the posters, I had a number of teachers that jokingly kind of mentioned they want to audition, and I think after the third one in the same day, I realized maybe they’re not actually joking and people are a little bit bored, or they want to move around and they want to have fun and so I just thought of the idea of extending the invite to staff.”

Auditions will be held on Wednesday, the 10th, and Thursday, the 11th, after school in the choir room. More information about how to prepare for the audition can be found on the Drama Department Google Classroom, ( 2kjcukh ). Oh My God Guys! You should totally audition. This is Chloe Brooks from Swarm TV, and we will see you there.