Phase 4 of the Pedestrian Bridge Project

Phase 4 of the Pedestrian Bridge Project

Kayleigh Cooper, Reporter

Tom Hanafan River’s Edge Park, located on the along the Missouri River next to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, is entering phase four revitalization later this year.

This new addition will include a tree top walk, an adventure course, and a look out point. They will also be adding walking trails throughout the woods.

These updates are planned to be done in 2024, with the adventure course getting started in 2022, and should be done in 2023. Construction for the updates is going to begin November of this year.

The climbing wall being built is said to be 50 feet and the look-out point/observation tower will be 150 feet tall.

The Pedestrian Bridge is a very popular place for kids in high school to go hang out, to take pictures, ride skateboards and even walk the bridge. Bringing more to the bridge will provide more for kids to do while they are there. Many adults also go to this bridge to walk their dogs, or go on a jog.

“River’s Edge is unique to Council Bluffs and its strong identity increases local pride in our community,” said Mayor Matt Walsh in a release. “It’s a prime example of how Council Bluffs is unlike anywhere else. On Purpose.”

There will still be access to the park while construction is happening.