A year-in-review of the restroom policy


A photo taken of the restrooms on the 2nd floor of the C-wing during D lunch.

Kelsie Anderson, Reporter

Last year a restroom policy was introduced here at TJ due to the vandalism done inside restrooms. Many mixed emotions were brought up when this new policy was made.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Jordan Kreft, wrote an article last year that went over why the policy was added, the cost of damages done to school property, and the reactions of students here at TJ.

The restroom policy is still being used this year with all but two girls and one boys being open during the lunch and START/Advisement periods. The restrooms that are locked during this time will be unlocked during the other periods.

TJ sophomore Emily Roberts gave her opinion on the restroom policy.

“The restrooms shouldn’t be locked during START periods and lunchtimes,” said Roberts. “Any inappropriate behavior still takes place in different restrooms making them more difficult to access because they fill much faster considering each restroom has a maximum capacity,” she added.

Freshman Jamie Espinoza talked about what she’s seen in some of the restrooms in the building.

“There’s a lot of kids who hang out in the restrooms, mostly in the freshmen restrooms and the restrooms by the counseling center,” said Espinoza. “Sometimes girls take food into the girl’s restroom, too. They dump it in the sink and then the janitor has to clean it up.”

Mr. Rindone, a special education teacher for the 9th-grade team, also talked about what he’s seen in the restrooms this year.

“I’ve seen multiple students in one stall,” said Rindone. “I’ve seen students fight. I’ve seen students with their phones out recording stuff and a bathroom is never any place that you should have your phone out for any reason.”

Rindone explained that when a fight does happen, he makes all of the students leave the restroom and then reports the incident to an administrator and lets them know what time the fight occurred and who was all involved.

Altogether, food in the restroom, students fighting, the capacity for restrooms not being followed, isn’t something that should be happening. If you see or hear students causing issues inside one of the restrooms here at TJ, it’s best to report it to a staff member.

In spite of the policy, students are still making restrooms difficult to use; it is important that we all follow guidelines because it’s ruining the ability for other students.

Using the restroom should be a right we’re afforded, but it has become a privilege because some of our fellow students use the bathroom as a place to convene.