MAP Testing

Steven Weinfurtner, Reporter

As you know, Every single year students take the MAP test twice. They then try to see how much growth they can get. The people with the biggest growth get awarded with some sort of prize. We went ahead and interviewed 2 random students and even the schools principal! 

Every student and teacher at Thomas Jefferson is involved with the MAP test. Students take the MAP tests every Fall and Spring. We take the MAP tests every year because it helps teachers gauge students’ proficiency levels, and it helps the teachers know what the students need help with. 

To take the MAP test students get on their computer and log into the MAP test. After their teachers have started them they begin. The test usually takes around 45 minutes and is about 40-50 questions. After they are done they get their score and show their teacher. The teacher writes down their score and that helps the teacher know what they need to work on, and if the student is showing growth from the previous year. 

This year the staff at Thomas Jefferson are hoping to get even more growth out of every student this year. They are hoping that with some incentive they can get students to try harder. And to get students to take the MAP test more serious than ever.