TJ Spotlight: Jayden Sump


Jayden Sump, junior at Thomas Jefferson High School, is a volleyball star!

Paxton DeVault, Reporter

Between attending school, working as a barista at Starbucks, and spending time with his closest friends, Jayden Sump, a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School, has a passion for volleyball! 

When Sump entered the 6th grade at Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Council Bluffs, Iowa, he became the volleyball manager, and continues to do so as a junior. He has fallen in love with the sport ever since!

“I’ve only played volleyball for two years, but I’ve been around volleyball for five years,” he says.

“My favorite part about volleyball is how it is the ultimate team sport. There are six people on the court and if one person is slacking, it takes away from everyone else.” 

Jayden has been playing for River City Juniors 18u National team since October 2020. He took clinics and loved the coaching they had to offer, so he switched clubs. 

His position is an outside/right side hitter.

“My team hasn’t won any awards, but we have succeeded in many matches and had satisfying wins,” Sump says. “We all work very hard on and off the court to become better athletes, which has had nothing but positive impact so far.”

Jayden would love to continue playing after high school and play at the collegiate level. Sump has worked around the clock to improve as a player. Jayden practices at school, playing from summer to fall, then with the club from late fall to spring. 

“Continuing my passion with volleyball is a must for me,” Sump says.

Jayden Sump has looked into many colleges to continue playing after high school, or to even coach after high school. Only 23 colleges offer D1 Men’s Volleyball, whereas there are 330 D1 programs for women. Sump is looking at playing at a college nearby in Iowa or Nebraska at Morningside, Hastings, or Grandview.

Outside the court, Jayden is an outstanding makeup artist and is very photogenic. Jayden and his friends like to take trips to Downtown Omaha and local tourist attractions to capture their most memorable moments together.



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