Students Opinion on the Hybrid Schedule

With COVID-19 infecting an average of 2,200 cases a day, The school board has decided to revert back to the Hybrid Phase we had previously followed. This meant reducing the mass of students in the school by splitting them up by last name, and assigning them to certain days of the week. But how do the students of TJ feel about this change? With these schedule changes directly affecting the students body, we must also consider their opinion on this new schedule. 

40.2% of students agree or strongly agree with this schedule change. Some students enjoy the more light-hearted aspects of the Hybrid phase, such as being able to do work on their own time, and being able to work better from home. Other students focus on the deeper impact of this change. “I agree with it, because obviously we should be encouraging the idea of social distancing during the pandemic”. They are concerned for the health of themselves, their families, and their teachers. With so many people getting newly infected, the risk for death increases. “I agree with the schedule change because it helps limit the contact in school.” 

26.1% of students disagree or strongly disagree with this schedule change. Some of these students struggle to learn at home, and fear that their grades will plummet with this schedule change. Out of the survey I sent out, 42.2% of students who disagreed stated that they were concerned about their grades and getting distracted at home. Other students are beginning to, if they haven’t already, struggle with their mental health. The CDC states that the prevalence of depressive disorder has increased from 6.5% to 24.3%, four times higher than what it was in 2019. With the pressure of this pandemic, the fear of failing school, and the limited social interactions students are experiencing, mental health is deteriorating for some students at TJ. 

33.7% of students are just not sure about this schedule change. The truth is, a lot of people have to sacrifice things in this process, whether they feel it is worth it or not. “ I am in the middle because I think it’s good because numbers are rising but I also liked being full time since it was easier.” Though there is a set date for the students to return to the Full Time schedule, we are still unsure that we will return when scheduled, or even at all. 

With Covid cases rising and vaccines being distributed, we have no idea when things are going to get better. We all just have to hope for the best, and make sure everyone is safe and given any help they need. Just remember, we are all in this together.

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