District returns back to onsite learning

Darrek Lode, Reporter

The district has decided to return back to onsite learning after winter break. Between Tahnksgiving break and Christmas break students have been doing virtual learning because of the county percentage at the time. The percentage of the virus in the county has gone down.

The superintendent sent emails to CB staff and the parents of students. The email is telling the staff and students parents we will be coming back full time after the winter break. The district is paying close attention to cases and will be making sure students and staff stay safe.

´This week’s data indicates a decrease in the prevalence of COVID-19 affecting our school community,” said Superintendent Dr. Vickie Murillo. You can find the virus data here. The district updates the data every friday afternoon to keep students and staff updated. As students come back all precautions will stay the same washing hands, wearing your mask, and staying six feet apart.