How NHS and DECA are Safely Running Their Annual Canned Food Drive

How NHS and DECA are Safely Running Their Annual Canned Food Drive

Chloe Brooks, Reporter

As the seasons begin to change, and the temperatures drop below zero, the need for food and supplies grows. Unfortunately, the growing cases of COVID-19 makes collecting supplies even more difficult and risky. Luckily, The National Honor Society and Deca at TJ have found a safer way to run their annual canned-food drive. Matthew Renshaw, Leader of Deca, has a plan. “This year with Covid and touchpoints, we are trying to cut down on the amount of hands that could spread the disease, so we are collecting cash rather than cans, to kind of cut down on those points, and then what we will do is we will go buy a large amount of cans to donate to the same place we’ve been donating, we’ve been doing this event for 15 years now, so it’s a little safer in that sense but it’s still the same outcome we’ve had in years passed”. With this strategy, the risk of spreading covid by passing cans around lowers. Now, the money can be used to buy cans and reduce the amount of contact that comes during the collecting and transportation of the cans.


DECA and NHS are determined to help their community and get food out to those in need. They are even giving prizes to the advisement class that makes the most money. For first place, donuts, second place, cookies, and for third place, suckers. Not to mention, for the teachers of any advisement class that brings 10$ or more, get a jean week. 


But, this donation means more than just winning prizes. Vice President of NHS Samantha Avalos wants others to understand the true impact of this drive. “ This is something amazing that Council Bluffs does, specifically the Community of Christ church, it genuinely makes people’s days, holidays, rest of years, especially right now because of COVID. It would be super helpful for those who really need it, so I encourage you guys to please donate because it truly does make a difference.”


For the people who don’t know when they will have their next meal, please donate. Take any spare change or loose dollars and turn them into your advisement teachers by November 20th. If you raise enough, you might be rewarded with a sweet treat! In these trying times, every little bit helps.