Back to the White House


Joe Biden visits Grass Wagon in Council Bluffs on July 17.

Teagan O'Shea, Reporter

With the election season over, it is apparent who our next president is going to be. The previous Vice President to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, has been declared the Presidential Elect. Joe Biden won the election with 290 electoral votes, surpassing current President, Donald Trump, having only 217.

Towards the end of the election, we were patiently waiting on Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona to make their final decisions. The deciding factor being Pennsylvania with twenty electoral votes going to Joe Biden declaring him this victory for the election. 

Currently, Georgia is still recounting their votes, however, this wouldn’t make much of a difference due to the fact that Georgia has sixteen electoral votes. This being said, to surpass Joe Biden, with President Trump’s current electoral votes of 232 to Biden’s 290, Trump would need over 58 electoral votes to win.  

President Trump has tried to sue several states for Voter Fraud within the US. Several state and federal courts have already dismissed this proclamation. Between the secure voting procedures, and the legislature checking ballots, Voter Fraud is surprisingly less likely to happen than you getting struck by lightning. 

Joe Biden is currently deciding on his new cabinet members for his upcoming term. With most of the candidates being democratic, Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang, two of the candidates who ran previously in this election, are on the list for his cabinet members. 

Currently, with this election, it is an understatement to say that it has been confusing and stressful for all of us as a Nation. Nevertheless, rumors are circulating about whether or not President Trump will leave office peacefully on January 20th. With these as well, Melania Trump, the current First Lady, has also spoken out about divorcing President Trump in January. 

With the election, it will be exciting to see what comes in these next months, and how this election will develop.