TJ Drama Department Presents: Clue!


One of the advertising posters for Clue

Chloe Brooks, Reporter

TJ’s Drama Department is putting on their own production of Clue! A classic murder mystery with a number of twists and turns, this production will be a must-see. 

TJ Drama Director Matthew Eledge has some important information for those who are interested in auditioning. “ People that are interested in auditioning for the upcoming production of “Clue” need to know that auditions will take place initially virtually, so that gives you the option to do it at home or at school but you’ll upload the video to classroom, and if you get called back, meaning you are being considered for a lead role, we will meet in the auditorium on November 12th at 3:30 to 5:00 pm, and everything is available on classroom, so you can join the TJ Drama Department classroom, the code is right here ( 2KjcuKh ), and that’s where you can get all of the information. You can sign up, and not only can you sign up for an acting role, but you can interview and apply for a technical chief position, or just a technical student position”. It is important to keep everyone safe, so these virtual auditions do the job of both protecting actors and allowing them to choose the setting of the audition. 

Keeping auditions safe can be easy, but keeping performances safe can be quite the challenge. While large audiences and grouped performers are the usual when it comes to plays, Eledge plans to take a safer and more accommodating route. “ We are choosing to do a livestream production because that eliminates the risk of the spread of covid through large audience members, instead we will film the production and then it will be made available for people to purchase and watch and stream online and then they can watch from the comfort of their home and without putting themselves at risk. In addition, the actors will actually be wearing face masks when they are 6 feet within another actor, and conveniently, each character has a designated color, and so we can make the masks match the color of their character, we also plan to have a smaller cast than usual, we usually like to involve lots of people but for the sake of our circumstances we really need to keep the numbers low.” 

Being both safe and fun, this production is a must-see. The Drama Department encourages you to audition for an acting or technical role in the film. “ People should audition because it’s fun, it’s exciting, I think that drama and theatre is not just for individuals who want to be actors and performers, but also anyone who wants to be successful in life in general. It give you the confidence to be creative, it gives you the confidence to be yourself, it gives you the confidence to be bold and brave, and so those are all things that are really transcendent, and they can help us in our lives in so many other ways.”

Whether you want to be onstage or backstage, go to the TJ Drama Department Classroom, code located at the bottom of the screen ( 2KjcuKh ).