TJ’s Virtual Play, Clue


One of the advertising posters for Clue

Kelsie Anderson, Reporter

This winter TJ’s Drama Department is virtually performing a play called Clue, the auditions were held virtually to help maintain the safety of staff and students.

Mr. Eledge, TJ’s Drama teacher talked about Clue and how Covid has impacted the way plays are set up now.

“Clue is a production that was inspired by a board game, which inspired a movie to be created in 1985, and then there’s been a number of plays that have been produced and they’re really successful popular plays in America,” said Eledge.

“We chose it here at Thomas Jefferson High School because of our unusual circumstances because we’ve been really confused about what to do much like many other activities, but the performing arts are really struggling because we violate so many of the safety precautions.”

To help ensure that safety precautions will be taking place, the actors will be wearing face masks when they are less than six feet apart from another actor. If they are more than six feet apart from one another then they do not have to wear face masks such as in a dinner scene that will be taking place during the play.

“It requires a live audience for us to do what we do. I chose Clue because it offered live stream rights. meaning we were able to put it online for our community to see without getting in trouble with loyalties or copyright issues.”

“We are choosing the live stream because that eliminates the risk of the spread of Covid to large audience members so we will not be packing the TJ auditorium like we like to,” said Eledge. “Instead we will fill the production, and then it will be made available for people to purchase and watch online and then they can watch it from the comfort of their home,” he added.

If you have any questions about the play feel free to email Mr. Eledge or go to room B108.