Virtual Grief Counseling Group


Screenshot taken by Kelsie Anderson

A screenshot of a section of Grief Journeys website

Kelsie Anderson, Reporter

Many people experience grief due to the loss of loved ones. To help people in these situations, Griefs Journey is holding eight free hour-long online support group sessions which began on Monday, Oct. 26. and will be held from 6:30 p.m -7:35 p.m for ages 3-18 their caregivers.

Throughout the eight weeks, members will get to meet others suffering from the loss of loved ones and be able to explore their grief process individually and gain knowledge of useful grief coping skills.

Members will be put into separate groups depending on age and lead by trained Grief’s Journey facilitators.

Children who are 3 through grade school will be given pre-recorded lessons that their caregivers can help them do throughout the week.

Adults, high school students, and middle school students will have live online support group sessions every week.

Griefs Journey was founded by Ted E. Bear Hollow in 2001. On their website, under the about section, it stated their goals and what they strive to do as an organization.

“One of our goals is to empower the community to be more responsive and supportive of the needs of grieving families. Experienced grief professionals educate community agencies on children’s grief and, at times, consult with organizations and schools in order to provide excellent grief support beyond the walls of Grief’s Journey as well.”

Mrs. Ryan one of TJ’s counselors talked about how TJ got involved with Griefs Journey.

“It is a support that our district was invited to participate in from an outside agency,” said Ryan. “Because of COVID we can’t have in-person groups, so this is a support that students/families can utilize for free at home,” she added.

If you or someone is suffering from grief from the loss of a loved one please know that it’s ok to reach out for help. This link will send you to support groups for all ages.