Inducted Thespian Officers and how to Join the Drama Department.


Chloe Brooks, SwarmTV

TJ’s Drama Department has elected some new officers to help lead the troupe. They are: Rylee Sharp (As President), Cassidy Powell (As Vice-President), Gabby Jobe (As Secretary), Chloe Brooks (As Publicist), Colton Cumberledge (As Historian), Jami Murray (As Fundraiser Chair) and Mia Richardson (As Sunshine Chair). These newly elected officials are working to make the departments a safe and fun-loving environment. 

Matthew Eledge, TJ’s Drama Director, chose these individuals to lead. “the individuals needed to be nominated by their peers, there was a top 10 pool, and that was what the directors and the teachers selected from, and then the directors chose according to strengths”. Mr. Eledge describes a process that is suggested by the Official International thespian society website in order to properly choose the officers for this year. He is very happy with his choices so far, “I think they all have their own strengths, but all and all they have a core belief and investment in the growth and betterment of the community and our drama dept.” 

The Drama Department and its newly selected officers also wish to welcome you to the club! Rylee Sharp, President of the Department, has some words for those of you considering joining, “ Come check it out, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and you may end up loving it.”. The drama department is an amazing place where you get to have fun and be yourself. Though on the outside it might seem like just a club, it is more than that. “The drama department, we like to say, is less of a club and less of a team and more of a family, we value each other as humans, and so i think we really take pride in providing a space where people get to feel safe and they get to feel like they are themselves.” While putting on productions, they still value personal growth and are accepting of everyone. 

 “The department meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, right after school, in room B108, until 4:30.”. So if you have a little time after school, come check it out! We would love to welcome you to our family.