Going back to school full time during a global pandemic


Brooklyn Doebelin

Kids walking down the hall wearing masks during covid school.

Brooklyn Doebelin, Reporter

We have gone back to school full-time starting on October 12th. The school sent out an email to parents/guardians to have them fill out what they would like to do with their child.

There were two options: parents could send the students back full time or keep them hybrid where they would go to school every other day. Most parents chose to send their kids back full time, but some decided to keep their children going every other day. 

Samara Alcarez is a student and an athlete here at Thomas Jefferson. She personally decided to stay hybrid. When asked why she chose to stay hybrid, she explained, “to get students learning in the best way possible because online can be hard due to wifi issues on either end.”

She further explained how she thinks the semester will go by saying, “I don’t know, I feel like cases of COVID in the building will increase a lot…they shouldn’t go back full time because numbers of covid cases are still increasing making it still unsafe.” 

Mrs.Bentzinger, a freshman science teacher exclaimed, “I am hopeful for the best! I want all staff and students to be safe and my personal prediction is that if students and staff take masks, sanitation, and social distancing seriously then everything will work out… I think that it is a little scary to see us all coming back full time. I really don’t know what to expect but I am hoping for the best. Plus I think that it will help a lot of students establish a better routine and provide a better atmosphere for learning.”

Schools principals are looking forward to this year and doing great things. A lot more teachers also said it was scary but exciting to see everyone back and hoping for the best.

Many people are looking forward to this school year. Some people who decided to come back have learned to adapt to this new school environment just like everyone else. Teachers and students were relieved when we were able to have the option to come back and see all the students and their friends again.

When students were doing school at home it was hard for them to focus in a non-school environment, so some students got behind in work, some students worked better at home though as well.