Life as a Quarantined Student; Part 2


Paxton DeVault

My little brother, Levi, and I grilling outside and enjoying some tea while in quarantine.

Paxton DeVault, Reporter

Living with someone that has Coronavirus is as bad as it sounds. It affects everything you do, like wearing masks constantly, sitting in one room all day by yourself, even communicating via text message with the person in the next room.  Not to mention disinfecting door knobs, light switches, countertops and the bathroom every hour to minimize the spread of germs.  

There were no hugs or goodnight kisses.  No visits with my dad who just came off working the night shift for three weeks.  No visits with my grandfather who was recently released from a rehab facility after having open heart surgery.  No going out to eat, or even going to the store to satisfy a sudden junk food craving. Cracked hands from washing them so many times a day and using hand sanitizer.  The highlight of my little brother’s day was going outside to get the mail from the mailbox.  To say it was boring is an understatement.

“I am very thankful my symptoms, as annoying as they were, were mild. I know they could’ve been much worse,” Patrice says.

“I’m aware of the controversy regarding this virus and how it has divided the country.  I won’t live in fear, but this virus needs to be taken seriously.  I’ve known 4 people who have passed away from it and one was only 57 years old.  I was diligent about social distancing but not so much about wearing a mask. There is no way to know exactly where I contracted the virus.  It could have been the gas pump, grocery store or even at work.  I am, however, especially grateful that I didn’t pass it to my family.”


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