Council Bluffs School District comes back full time

Darrek Lode, Reporter

Council Bluffs Schools has decided to let students come back full-time starting October 12th.

Students do not have to come back full time, though, they are just giving that option for students that feel they learn better on-site. COVID-19 cases have been low in the district which is why the district is giving this option to students. According to the Daily Nonpareil updated on October 19th, the district reported 17 cases from students and 12 cases from staff.

¨I am going back to school full time,” said junior Austin Schubert. “I feel like it’s a little bit risky, but if everyone wears their mask then we will be okay.¨

Full-time back to school is what the students need, but it may be a little too early. Especially because it sounds like many of the students are coming back full time. ¨I know a lot of my friends from football are coming back full-time,¨ said Schubert. 

This is important because cases are still on the rise as students are coming back. The Daily Nonpareil has also reported that of 57 positive cases out of 264 tests in a 24 hour time period.

The district still is advising students to wear masks, stay six feet apart when possible, and sanitize.

Most of these guidelines are recommended by the CDC.