A look at Thomas Jefferson’s 2020-2021 Yearbook


Paxton DeVault

A sneak peek at a page in this years yearbook!

Paxton DeVault, Photographer

          The high school yearbook is a big part of the school and very important to the students. The yearbook staff give their all to ensure that the yearbook is a memorable one for students and staff alike. This year, we introduce some new members to the yearbook staff, and new editors-in-chief, Paxton DeVault and Chrisha Doss.

          One of the biggest questions asked to the yearbook staff is, “What is the theme for this year’s book?”. The theme for the year 2020-2021 is a coloring book! This includes matte pages that the students are able to color the designs as seen on the pages. There will be anywhere from simple and easy designs, such as the Thomas Jefferson logo, to designs that cover two whole pages inside the book.  Special smear proof markers will also come with the book.

           One of Thomas Jefferson’s new yearbook editor-in-chief, Chrisha Doss says, “I’ve been in yearbook three years now, and it has been my goal since my freshman year to get an editor position. When Paxton and I finally got the position I was beyond excited! I absolutely love working with her and all of the other yearbook staff. I am also very excited to work with our new staff members and to see their talents.. I am stoked for this year’s book, and can’t wait to publish it for everyone else to see!”

          Paxton DeVault, yearbook editor-in-chief next to Doss, says, “It is a huge accomplishment to have become one of the new editors! Chrisha is a great partner to work with and we have a fabulous yearbook staff working alongside us to complete this year’s book. I am very excited for this yearbook to come out, because we decided on a theme that has never been done before, and we gave a little extra something for the students and teachers to enjoy!”

          Yearbook teacher, Rob Lindquist has to say, “I think the idea for the theme of the book is really cool and it is something I have never seen before. I am sure the students will be really really excited to see and to manipulate and play with the theme for the book. The theme is a coloring book, so every page will have something to color on it, as well as the cover. It makes it very handsy and you get to do something. And with that, we are giving each pre-purchased yearbook three markers. I think it is very cool to let the students do some of the work. With what we are doing well, we are still in the planning process and I believe that has to do a lot with the COVID and being hybrid and virtual. With us being in the hybrid model, not everybody is available at the same time. That makes it harder to knock ideas off of people. I feel as though it makes it a challenge. I think we are doing well with what we are given and we are trying to plan out the book. Usually we are given a summer time workshop where we get together and start planning the book, but unfortunately that wasn’t able to happen this year. I think as a team, everybody is starting to come together and realize the roles that they have, but it is still early. We got our cover done early, and that alone was a huge accomplishment!”

          The yearbook staff is ecstatic to complete this book and share it with both students and staff! They know you are going to love it!