The Affects of Covid-19 on TJ Clubs and Activities

The Affects of Covid-19 on TJ Clubs and Activities

Jordan Kreft, Editor-in-Chief

Clubs and activities are a crucial part of the high school experience. Though, due to the CoronaVirus, many things have had to change. TJ has made many changes, from hybrid learning to social distancing; these changes have been put in place to keep students and faculty safe. Some of the most notable changes are seen in the way clubs and activities now have to function. 

“Clubs will look a bit different this year,” stated Savannah Sherry, the secondary programs coordinator at TJ. “Many things will stay the same. There will still be clubs offered to students and the content of the clubs will remain the same. The differences [will be] increased precautions such as 6 feet apart as much as possible and students will be asked to wear their masks.”

There are currently nine clubs offered to students: chess club, Dungeons & Dragons, gaming club, karaoke club, K-Pop club, movie critics club, tennis club, Warhammer 40K club, and weightlifting club. More clubs may be offered to students as they are created. Clubs started on September 8th, 2020. 

“As a performance-based club, it will be challenging to learn to perform through masks or adjust to performing on camera rather than in-person.” Explained Samantha Schreier, a TJ teacher that sponsors the club, Louder Than A Bomb (slam poetry team). 

Louder Than A Bomb (LTAB) is also being impacted as outside visitors are no longer allowed in the building, so the LTAB coaches will have to meet via google meet. 

Other performance clubs are in similar positions as any coaches, mentors, etc. will not be allowed to enter the building for the club. It will be an adjustment, but many of the clubs will try to run as normally as possible. 

Clubs are now being cut off at ten students to keep the groups small for social distancing. This means there’s more competition over certain clubs. Make sure to sign up for clubs as soon as possible to guarantee a spot. 

“This will be a transition that we hope to navigate the best way possible for the safety of students and staff.” Sherry remarked. Students will receive emails whenever a new club is added, students are advised to keep a lookout for any clubs to be sure they get a spot.

If any student or faculty member has an idea for a new club at TJ, email either Savannah Sherry ([email protected]) or Lisa Deal ([email protected]). Let’s make this year’s clubs and activities great!