School is postponed due to the Coronavirus

Emily Eikenberry, Editor-in-Chief

School has been postponed by the Coronavirus. As of the writing of this article, school will be closed through March 27th.

Next week is supposed to be our testing week, but we can’t test if there is no school.

“Testing is up to the Department of Education,” said Chuck May, the Administrative Manager of Thomas Jefferson. “They could either move the window for testing, or skip this year,” May added. “We have to still meet the guidelines for the Department of Education, and we have to still meet the Federal guidelines.”

Courtesy CBCSD
This is an excerpt from the Nutrition Department. Please click link for rest of information.

Besides our local school, college and professional sports are also shutting down until the COVID-19 virus has been contained. According to the Center for Disease Control, the idea is to “Flatten the Curve” by limiting exposure.

Our Athletic Director Dustin Deterding has contacted spring coaches about the protocol for what’s next with sports at TJ. Deterding also said, “It’s crazy, it’s just crazy.”

The Iowa High School Athletic Association has suspended all spring activities until April 10.

According to a statement from the district, “students will be encouraged to work on core coursework via Edgenuity or Google Classroom during the closure to continue with some sort of learning while we are out of school.”

Covid 19- Nutrition Letter is a letter put out by the Nutrition Department about meals being provided during the break from school (English and Spanish).

Lots and lots of information coming out quickly about COVID-19 and our schools. The best thing parents and students can do is watch your emails, follow @CBSchoolsHealth on Twitter and CB Health Info on Facebook, not panic, pay attention, and wash your hands!