Early College Academy Results


This is the twitter post Dr. Spencer Mathews released announcing the new ECA students.

Jordan Kreft, Reporter

This is the complete list of ECA students from both TJ and AL

A group of TJ sophomores found out this week if they made it into the 2020 Early College Academy roster.

25 total sophomores from both TJ and AL have been accepted into the 2020-2021 Early Colleges Academy, or ECA, at Iowa Western Community college. 

These 25 students will attend Iowa Westen Community College their junior and senior years of high school. When they graduate in 2022, they will all have an associate’s degree as well as their high-school diploma. 

The application process started in January of 2020 with applicants filling out the general application, open enrollment forms for Iowa Western, and writing an essay using one of four different prompts. 

Around 80 students applied this year and 35 were selected from that total. These 35 then went through an interview process in February and after some deliberation, 25 finalists were chosen to participate in the program. 

8 students from TJ were selected for the ECA program: Chloe Sales, Daniel Galan, Diego Figueroa, Jacob Weiland, Jordan Kreft, Kandice Myers, Katelyn Arnold, and Kiara Hernandez. 

In the coming weeks, these students will be meeting with their counselor and the coordinator of ECA, Spencer Mathews, to create their college schedule. 

Congratulations to everyone that applied and made it into the program, good job guys!