New Restroom Policy at TJ


Jordan Kreft

Starting next Tuesday during the morning, start, fourth hour, and after school, the main office bathrooms are the only ones available.

Jordan Kreft, Reporter

Adviser note (2/14/2020; 2:50pm): This story was updated for clarification of number of bathrooms and estimated cost of damage. 


Administrators at TJ have recently implemented a new restroom policy that has stirred up some intense emotions among students. 

The new policy places restrictions on the restrooms students can use at different times throughout the day. Before 7:50 AM and after 3:15 PM, the only bathrooms students can use are the ones located near the main office. During a normal school day, restroom access is still available between classes, and by teacher pass during a class period. 

During START class and lunch, the four restrooms in the B and C wings will be closed, and students are encouraged to use other open restrooms during those times. During these two class periods, the student’s teacher may call an escort to be taken to the main restrooms and then back to class. 

The administration has added this new policy due to concerns over student behaviors in the restroom. Damage of school property, truancy, and just overall student behavior are some of the reasons this new policy was established. Estimated damage costs are over $5000, according to Principal Dr. Dania Freudenburg. 

Though the policy was added to increase student safety, many students are outraged at the new policy.

Many think this is ridiculous and not needed. Others think that the policy will only work for a few days before things go back to the way they were before. 

Michael Frieze, a sophomore, proposed a different solution to the restroom issue, “E-hall passes are more efficient [than the new policy]. You can see which kids are going to the bathroom, the teachers can monitor it, and it would probably single out the trouble-causing kids.” 

Abraham Lincoln High School currently uses an E-hall pass system.

While the majority of the students viewed the new policy negatively, others had different views.

Heather Giovannoni, a senior, agreed with the new policy.

“There are so many kids that do stupid things, and if you can’t properly use the restroom then you shouldn’t be allowed to use the restroom.”

“I don’t think you understand that the restroom isn’t closed all day,” said Mr. Lindquist, the journalism teacher at TJ, to his START class during the presentation. “You can go to the restroom between classes or even if you get a pass from your teacher. But, in START class and lunch, they’re locked.” 

Overall, the policy will help students use the restroom respectfully and the way it’s intended to be used. Many teachers have started classroom conversations on the issue to help understand the concerns that many students have.

The start date for the policy is next Tuesday the 18th. Though no one can predict how the new policy will affect a student’s day-to-day routines, many teachers are excited about the new change and hope for a better way of running the school day.