Spring sports


Allison Schubert keeping the ball away from one of the Bishop Heelan girls.

Jordan Kreft, Reporter

With spring around the corner, it’s time to get ready for new TJ sports. 

This Spring, cross country, girls golf, soccer, tennis, and track & field are offered for TJ students. 

Many coaches are excited to start the new season and all of them are hoping for a great season this year. 

Dave Kaeding, the boy’s tennis coach said, “We have a lot of fun and enjoy the competition.” 

Kaeding is hoping to recruit new members this season to get more people involved in school sports.

“Build team skills, learn a life-long activity, develop school spirit and build personal discipline,” Kaeding responded when asked what benefits students can have from participating in the sport. 

“Tennis is a life-long activity that helps build individual confidence and competitive skills,” Kaeding exclaimed. 

Kaeding’s outlook on the upcoming season is very positive. He hopes his team can have a great season while also having a lot of fun. 

The girl’s golf coach, Rob Dittmer said, “We are always looking for new girls to join our team, even if they’ve never played golf before, we welcome everyone!”

Dittmer is also excited for the upcoming season. 

“Students should join golf because it’s an opportunity to learn a lifelong activity while making friends and representing TJ.” Dittmer is hoping to recruit new students into the team. 

“They get to meet people, gain valuable experience being a teammate and pursuing goals, and it looks great on scholarship applications!” Dittmer responded when asked why students should join the sport.  

Dittmer is most excited about recruiting new students into the team. Like Kaeding, Dittmer hopes his team can have a great season this year. 

Lori Thomas, girl’s track and field coach said, “We get to be outside in the springtime, but personally, the best thing is that every participant improves during the season. Every girl will throw or jump farther, or run faster. Seeing this improvement is always gratifying.”

Like Dittmer and Kaeding, Thomas is pushing for new team members this season. She hopes to recruit new girls to the team to hopefully have a successful season.

“You do not need any experience. There are several different events to try and everyone can run. There are also jumping and throwing events.” Thomas explained. 

Thomas doesn’t want people to get caught up in the running part of track. She believes anyone can do track if they try. 

“Girls, please come to check it out. Don’t listen to other people about track unless they are on the team. Most of the people who voice their negative opinions have never tried it.” Thomas’ main goal is to recruit new members, though she hopes to have a fun season all around.

Carlos Silva, boy’s soccer coach said, “I am very excited to be back at TJHS to get to share my love and passion for the sport with all our players and fans.” 

This is Silva’s first season coaching at TJ and he’s very hopeful for the new season.

“I believe any time a new coach is hired there’s always some excitement because you get to start with a clean slate. I believe anyone that joins our team will end the season being a better soccer player, having made new friendships and overall having had fun while doing so.”

Similar to the other coaches, Silva is hoping to recruit new people regardless of their previous experience. Though, different from other coaches interviewed, Silva wants to get his team members involved in their community as well as TJ. 

“I want the kids in our program to be vested in their school and community. Therefore, we will offer various opportunities for our kids to volunteer and give back to our community. We will provide students with additional resources if necessary to allow them to be successful in school. Finally, we will aid those pursuing to play college soccer with the recruiting process.” 

“I encourage anyone who is even slightly interested in coming out to play to attend our preseason informational meeting in early March for more specifics. We hope to see you all at our games!” Much like the other coaches, Silva doesn’t isn’t worried about winning or losing, he just hopes to have a good season with anyone who wants to play. 

With spring on the horizon, students and teachers alike are preparing for the upcoming sports. 

Thomas Jefferson offers a wide variety of spring sports, so there’s something for everyone. 

If a student wants to get into a sport, all they have to do is find what works for them.

Every coach at TJ is excited about the new season, hoping to get some new recruits and have an overall good time.  

If you or someone you know is interested in a spring sport; send the coach of the sport and email or look around the school as there are often posters with information regarding meetings and how to join. 

Let’s all wish TJ sports a good season this year!

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Cross Country  Doug Muehlig [email protected] 
Girls Golf  Rob Dittmer [email protected]
Boys Soccer Carlos Silva [email protected]
Girls Soccer  Mark Royer [email protected]
Boys Tennis Dave Kaeding [email protected]
Girls Tennis Matt Connor [email protected]
Boys Track & Field Robert Nielsen [email protected]
Girls Track & Field Lori Thomas, Wadie Thomas [email protected]

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