TJ speech contest results


Submitted photo from Mr. Schmidt

Here is a picture taken after Gabby and Emma winning their State medals for Ames

Kourtney Anderson, Reporter

TJ’s speech group participated in the District Large Group Contest at Fremont-Mills High School Saturday, January 25th. They received many Division 1 and Division 2 ratings. 

The acts that got Division 2 ratings are the following:

 “Into the ocean” by Bella Benavides, Skylar Franks, & Kandice Myers.

 “Fefairymale” by Kaitlin Cedar, Rylan Lane, Karagin Ruff.

r “Drivers ed gone wrong” by Savannah Kuiper.

  “KCBO” by Jordi Ortez, Colten Cumberledge and Bella Benavides. 

“10 reasons you should have stayed home sick today” by Savannah Kuiper, Martin Arroyo, Maria Ortega, Macy Wilson, Laynee Spidell, Alex Fender, Kandice Myers, Emma Shields, Gabby Jobe, Mark Donnelly.

The acts that got Division 1 ratings are:

“Charlotte’s Web”– A 1 act play by Kaitlin Cedar, Chloe Brooks, Rylee Sharp, Karagin Ruff, Jeanette Rice, Colton Cumberledge, Nathan Kuhn, Mia Richardson, Sarai Vargas, Cora Masters, Joel Gilbert, Ash Henry, Jami Murray, Cassidy Powell. 

 “Split” by Emma Shields and Gabby Jobe. 

 “Super Glue” by Jeanette Rice. 

Group Improv by Chloe Brooks, Cora Masters, Trinity Reese

Group Improv by Alex Fender, Mia Richardson, Rylee Sharp

 The students that got Division 1 ratings and attended the State Large Group competition on February 8th at Waukee Highschool. We are all super proud of everyone that attended this contest, and an amazing job to everyone that won a rating!

Gabby Joe Emma Shields received an All-State nomination for their act “Split” that showcases a woman named Eve dealing with a split personality and will be participating at the IHSSA All-State Festival on Saturday, February 22nd at the Iowa State Center in Ames, Iowa.

From receiving All-State nominations I reached out to Joe and Shields.

This all had to have been an amazing moment for these girls, Shields saying “I literally screamed!”

This moment was an amazing moment for the first time winners because they ranked #7 out of 77 at the comp.

Good luck to these girls in Ames!