The Runza Student of the Week


Paxton DeVault

Natalie Arnold receiving her Student of the week award from Runza.

Kelsie Anderson, Reporter

Senior Natalie Arnold won the Runza Student of the Week.

“It was pretty exciting because it was something cool and different that not a of people get all the time, especially from TJ,” explained Arnold.

According to the website, some of the requirements included “balancing homework, school & community involvement, and one’s personal life.”

The article also said, “Runza® Restaurants and KETV created a partnership to honor senior students for their achievements in the classroom and in the community & provide them a $500 scholarship for college.”

“I feel good about earning the scholarship because anything would help with college,” Arnold added.

She plans on attending the College of Saint Mary in Omaha, Nebraska.

Mrs. Carla Hartenhoff, TJ’s senior counselor, nominated Arnold for this award.

“A lot of the time I have students that are very involved in a lot of different things and with Natalie,” said Hartenhoff. “She was involved in student counseling, National Honor Society (NHS), sports, clubs, and organizations.”

“She really represents all of the different options that students have at Thomas Jefferson high school, so she seemed like a very good option for me to nominate,” added Hartenhoff.

There are no requirements for nominations, however, for the nomination they want to know that students are high achieving, leaders in the classroom, participating in the athletic field, in clubs and organizations. They also want to see that the student is an epitome and has a lot of pride in their school.

Together, Hartenhoff and Arnold worked together for her nomination by gathering all the activities that she is involved in and making a paper that is sort of like her resume with making sure that it was thorough enough for the nomination.

“Since I have been working here at TJ for the past 11 years, we’ve probably had three or four students earn the Runza Student of the Week,” Hartenhoff concluded.

The scholarship from the Runza Student of the Week will give recognition to Arnold and she will be on the KETV channel where they will give her a 30 second commercial about the things that she has accomplished here at Thomas Jefferson High School.