Staff Editorial: Giving back with USPS Adopt-A-Letter


Katelyn Gwennap

Frank’s letter to Santa and one of his two requested gifts.

Kayleigh Cooper, Reporter

Every year USPS gets thousands of letters to Santa that are never read, and the kids never get their gift from Santa. Enter Operation Santa.

USPS launched Operation Santa in 1912. According to the official site of the program, “Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock created Santa’s first mailroom—authorizing local postmasters to open up these letters for employees to read and respond.”

The letters from the kids generally start to come on the 25th of November. 

The kids will be asking for things such as toys, coats, shoes, etc. You can make their wish come true by adopting a letter and buying what they want from Santa for them. The gifts will be sent directly to the kids.

All gifts have to be shipped by December 20th. Adopting a letter is free and all you have to do is pay for the present and shipping.

So, in this spirit, and to put our money where our mouth is, our newspaper staff has decided to forego the typical “Secret Santa” and opt into #USPSOperationSanta. The Signal team will be adopting the letter of Frank, a 4 year-old-boy.

We as a team think that it is very important to give back to the community, and it’s a good thing to do. 

We strongly encourage you to give back to the community this season, to hopefully make a little Christmas Miracle come true for someone.

In order to adopt a letter go to Both individuals and teams can contribute. 

Happy Holidays from The Signal!